Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Unconventional telemarketing tactics : latest telephone harrassment

Last night I got a strange phone call. At about 7:45 pm PST Tuesday Feb 28, 2006 I was having supper with my wife when the phone rang. I suspect the caller was a telemarketer. You be the judge:

Me: *picks up phone* Hello? *start counting seconds until response*

Troubled gentleman: *five second pause* *click* Hello?

Me: Why did you take so long to answer?

Troubled gentleman: Why did it take YOU so long to answer? It must have taken five or six rings for you to pick up the phone! Like I have time for this shit!

Me: Who is this?

Troubled gentleman: You are being childish, sir. *click*

It is difficult to figure out what his goal was from this short conversation. It is especially interesting that his final word was "sir". I guess some of his training must have sunk in...

It is hard for me not to feel agitated after an attack like this. Even though its importance is so small. I understand that there is no point in seething after such a random encounter, but I cannot help but obsess a little over it. But don't worry about me. I have moved on now.

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