Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chumby and Zeo and Reader; Oh My!

My old digital lifestyle is falling apart. Three of my daily standbys are being discontinued.

It started last month when my Chumby, a sort of internet connected clock radio, stopped displaying my chosen widgets, and started showing only one weird clock. It turns out they have been out of business for a year.

Then I heard that Zeo, my headband-mounted sleep-tracker, is going out of business. Unlike chumby, I had time to download my historical data in advance. But I might not be able to get my FUTURE sleep data.

Now I learn that Reader, Google's RSS aggregation service will be shut down this summer. That's how I read the internet! I'm looking into feedly as a replacement.

There is a positive way to look at this. Perhaps the sickly vestiges of the previous boom economy are being sloughed off, so the next boom can commence.

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