Monday, March 06, 2006

Eclipse IDE not updating to the latest version?

I just discovered that my Eclipse programming environment has not been updating itself to the latest version. I have been stuck at Eclipse version 3.1.0 for the past year. This is apparently due to a URL bug in the 3.1.0 release of Eclipse. See Ed Burnette's site for details.

Ed Burnette's view from the asylum: Eclipse updates still lag behind

(In short, add the site to your list of update sites under Help->Software Updates->Manage Configuration->Scan for Updates->Search for new features to install->New Remote Site...)

I discovered this problem when trying to create two editor windows for one source file. In Eclipse 3.1.0 editing two parts of the same file at the same time is not possible. In 3.1.2, select "New Editor" from the Window menu to create a second Editor pane with the same file you are currently editing. I am amazed that Eclipse lasted this long without such a feature designed into the original implementation.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Unconventional telemarketing tactics : latest telephone harrassment

Last night I got a strange phone call. At about 7:45 pm PST Tuesday Feb 28, 2006 I was having supper with my wife when the phone rang. I suspect the caller was a telemarketer. You be the judge:

Me: *picks up phone* Hello? *start counting seconds until response*

Troubled gentleman: *five second pause* *click* Hello?

Me: Why did you take so long to answer?

Troubled gentleman: Why did it take YOU so long to answer? It must have taken five or six rings for you to pick up the phone! Like I have time for this shit!

Me: Who is this?

Troubled gentleman: You are being childish, sir. *click*

It is difficult to figure out what his goal was from this short conversation. It is especially interesting that his final word was "sir". I guess some of his training must have sunk in...

It is hard for me not to feel agitated after an attack like this. Even though its importance is so small. I understand that there is no point in seething after such a random encounter, but I cannot help but obsess a little over it. But don't worry about me. I have moved on now.