Friday, July 13, 2007

Phantom cell phone vibrations

I have had a cell phone (Treo 680) for about 8 months. I keep it in my front right pants pocket. I always have it set to "vibrate". Lately, my leg has begun to vibrate right where the phone is, causing me to think that the phone is ringing.

It's really creepy.

One time I moved the cell phone away from my leg, but I could still feel the vibration in my leg. I could feel my leg actually vibrating with my hand. I couldn't get it to stop. My leg kept on "ringing" occasionally for quite some time. I have started keeping the phone in a different pocket.

Judging by the number of "I thought it was just me..." responses in a forum I found online, this is a surprisingly common phenomenon. According to this article, it happens when you are expecting a call. I don't get very many calls, so it does not take much!


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